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webDiplomacy variants
A list of the variants available on this server, with credits and information on variant-specific rules.

Active variants

Disabled variants

Variants which are present but not activated.

The Ancient Mediterranean (5 Players)

A variant with a map of the Ancient Mediterranean.

Variant Parameters (Version: 1.7):

Special rules/information:

Differing from the rules of the original variant, a fleet occupying the Baleares may not be used to convoy an army using the normal convoy rules.

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Classic (7 Players)

The standard Diplomacy map of Europe.

Variant Parameters:
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Fall of the American Empire IV (10 Players)

The country is in ruins and in a state of anarchy. You play one of 10 new or old nations in a bid to conquer North America

Variant Parameters (Version: 1.7):

Special rules/information:


The country is in ruins and in a state of anarchy except 5 states where new 'Republics' have arisen. Florida, Texas and California maintain some semblance of order within their old borders. In the north-east, New York has formed a union with Pennsylvania and New Jersey to stand together in the coming wars. Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis have done likewise, calling themselves the 'Heartland' of America...

Meanwhile, the events in the United States have caused Quebec to secede from Canada. Western Canada soon followed suit, under the leadership of British Columbia and joined with American renegades in Alaska. The central Canadian government has fallen and is in disarray...

In the south, the increasingly strong drug lords and industrial mafia have rested control of northern Mexico away from the government, while the rebellion of Chiapas has spread to other southern Mexican states. Under siege, Mexico's government prepares to strike back...

Taking advantage of the chaos on the North American continent, Cuba invades Jamaica and prepares to spread its influence further abroad, while Peru takes control of Colombia and turns its eyes northwards...

This is the setting at the start of the Empire variant of Diplomacy, where you play one of 10 new or old nations in a bid to conquer North America. Can you lead your country to North American domination?


  1. 34 supply centers are required to win
  2. Great Lakes - Fleets cannot move directly from one Great Lake to another, except from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron.
  3. Canals - There are a few one-space canals that act like Kiel in Vanilla dip. This means that the spaces have no coasts and fleets can exit on any side: Panama, Ontario, Michigan, Upper Peninsula, Chicago (see below). There is also a canal between New York City and New York State. Fleets can move from one to the other.
  4. Waterways - There are two waterways in Empire4 where fleets can move as though there were a coastline in the listed territories. These rivers do not impede army movement:
    • Mississippi (Chicago, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Deep South, Louisiana)
    • St-Lawrence (Beauce, Montreal, NYS, Ontario, Quebec, Gaspe)
    • For example, a fleet could move from Tennessee to any of Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas or Deep South.
  5. Landbridges
    • Units can move between Ungava and Nunavut. This does not block movement between Hudson Bay and the Sea of Labrador.
    • Units can move between Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This does not block movement between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.
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Modern Diplomacy II (10 Players)

Modern Diplomacy II is intended to be diplomacy with an updated map, circa 1994, taking place in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Variant Parameters (Version: II):

Special rules/information:


Modern Diplomacy is intended to be diplomacy with an updated map, circa 1994, taking place in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Any country with more than 30 million inhabitants was made a power. Those with more than 60 million inhabitants were given 4 home centers, while Russia (with 200 million plus) was given 5. Iran would have qualified as a 4 supply center power, but this would have made it necessary to extend the map into Asia, so it was not done.

Other than this, borders and neutral supply centers were distributed to even out the game. Monaco was made a neutral SC (it has lots of money) even though it's size does not warrant it, and Gibraltar was made a British starting SC, both to give Britain a port in the Mediterranean, and to give Spain more than one neighbour).

Notes on Geography

  1. Cairo, Hamburg and Istanbul behave as Kiel and Constantinople did in the original game: they have no coasts but fleets can pass through them to bodies of water of both sides.
  2. There are no home SCs. In the Adjustments Phase, a unit may be built at any owned and open SC.
  3. There is another canal linking Rostov and Volga, thus permitting access to the Caspian Sea to ships. Rostov is situated along the Don River which empties into the Black Sea, while the Volga empties into the Caspian Sea. In the real world there is a canal at Volgograd linking the two rivers, somewhere in the southern Volga region on the map. This is the only way to get ships into and out of the Caspian Sea.
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World Diplomacy IX (17 Players)

A variant with a map which has territories over the whole globe.

Variant Parameters (Version:
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